Winner of the Audience Award for best 24min at the RUTV Doc Fest

Crabapple Productions
24 min
Leila Dougan, Daniel Epstein, Azwihangwisi Mufamadi & Matthew Von Abo

40km’s outside of Cape Town residents of Blikkiesdorp are trying to make new lives for themselves. Coming from all around Cape Town, residents are either paid or forced to go to this temporary relocation area. The old residents of Gympie Street are the most recent to arrive in the new township, but they won’t be the last. In 2007 the cape High Court ruled that 20000 Joe Slovo residents relocate to Blikkiesdorp so that Joe Slovo can be developed. But how temporary is the Blikkiesdorp housing scheme? And can residents make lives for themselves there?

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Ilisa Elikhulu – The Big Wave

Mass Productions
24min doc
Alna Dall, Matthew Edwards, Jade Fernley

“Once I stop surfing, no, there will be no life for me”- Anele Maqaqa, Port St John’s surfer.
Beautiful scenery, good waves and good friendships. A winning combination for Anele, Avu and Zama, three Port St John’s boys who live to surf. The boys have grown up on the Eastern Cape coast with the sea almost in their backyard, as well as a very helpful surf school that has helped them excel in what they live to do. Watch to see the challenges they face both in and out of the water!

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The Gospel of Con productions
24 min
Danielle Brock, Stuart Buchanan & Jolanta Slomkowski

What happens when you are on an investigation and you realise that your findings could land you in court? Well, this is what happened to the crew of productions while spending time at a particular church in Durban for three weeks. All sorts of stories have circulated about this church and its various practices over the years, from exploiting the poor to sacrificing children! We set out to find out more about them, but realised very quickly that they wouldn’t like what we had to say. But…we said it anyway! So please don’t sue us. Thanks.

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“I will die by the bullet”

Under Construction Productions
2009 24mins
Lubabalo Dada, Fathima Simjee & Michelle Solomon

“Mama, I will not die of sickness. I will die by the bullet”. On 12 July 2009, Oscar Dondashe was shot dead for his cell phone. We tell the story about the night his prediction came true and the consequences of that night. A mother’s grief after losing her son. A man accused of murder. A brother seeking revenge. Oscar is only one of thousands that die by the bullet every day. We hope that this documentary may offer some, albeit small and somewhat disturbing, consolation to those families who have suffered at the hands of gun violence – you are not alone.

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Danielle Brock

Rape. Traumatic and never forgotten. It takes control of your life. Or does it? It is just over a year since Jes experienced a crime so common to South Africa and it still plays a major role in her life – but for the better. They may have taken a lot from her, but she wasn’t going to let them take anymore. She turned the negative into the positive and, after not knowing where her future was taking her, discovered her destiny. This is her story.

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Prisoners of Orgone

Stuart Buchanan

Georg Ritschl is the founder of, a site that sells the substance orgonite, used to combat the bad energy given off by cellphone towers and other technology. Ritschl has been using the profits of his sales to also embark on ‘gifting’ expeditions around Africa, ensuring there is enough orgonite coverage to stave off large-scale weather and mind manipulation, perpetrated by a sinister force that runs the world. On his latest expedition, Ritschl faced the wrath of a not-very-understanding Mozambiquan legal system while trying to ‘gift’ the Cahora Bassa Dam. After spending 53 days in jail, this is his story.

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The Gift of Art

Lubabalo Dada

When Linga started art he did not have an idea of what he can do with it. He was just making beautiful pictures. As he was growing up he decided to use his art to talk about social and political uses that affect poor people in South Africa. Despite growing in an environment where art was not appreciated Linga managed to persist. Now he is a happy man who is making a living from something that was thought to be a waste of time.

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Warriors of the Light

Alna Dall

Chris Nthombemhlophe Reid takes us on a journey through spirituality. The spirituality he speaks of knows no difference between “religion, culture or creed”. Being a white Sangoma he explains, isn’t about how people perceive you, but rather what you can give to others. We document Chris’s participation in a Sangoma praise-giving ceremony and beautiful people from all walks of life in vibrantly coloured traditional Xhosa clothing celebrate the acceptance of another sister into their homes and hearts.

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Ken Jy Die See

Leila Dougan

Kalk Bay is home to a variety of fishermen, one being Michael Roux. He goes out daily to catch snoek, yellowtail and silverfish. This is an exploration of his day at sea and his concerns regarding the industry and risky working conditions. As he unpacks his fish at the harbour he speaks of his love for the ocean. It is through our relationship with him that we begin to understand what it takes to be a fisherman.

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Pineapples For Sale

Winner of the Audience Award for the best 5min individual at the RUTV Doc Fest

Matthew Edwards

One day in 1865, Charles Purden returned to the Eastern Cape with freshly cut pineapple crowns from Natal, to be planted in the greater Grahamstown area. Today, the pineapples industry in the Eastern Cape is one of the biggest in the country. But a large industry doesn’t always mean good business. Three women tell you their stories about life on the road … with pineapples.

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Don’t Let The Buggers Get You Down

Daniel Epstein

In South Lanarkshire, Scotland, a group of protestors are opposing the establishment of a new mine. They’ve set up camp on the proposed site, determined to keep contractors at bay. They’re the Mainshill Solidarity Camp. Driven by green-politics, and a strong dislike for corporate governance, the campers are more than willing to “break the law to do what they feel is right”

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Open Your Eyes

Jade Fernley

Ever wanted to see the world through someone else’s eyes? Their motivations, inspirations and decisions based on their way of looking at the world? What if you had to look at the world without sight?
Watch below to see life from Richard’s point of view.
Watch to open your eyes.

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Being A Bouncer

Azwihangwisi Mufamadi

Ever thought of meeting a bouncer who is also persuing an academic career?This a profile of a final year masters student who is also a bouncer in the Grahamstown pubs. Bekezela Phakathi told me about how he manages his social life, his work as a bouncer and his academic career. Watch his typical day.

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Shades of Grey

Fathima Simjee

Not everything in life is cut and dry, or black and white, but what happens when you as a person fall into this ‘grey area’? Shades of Grey is the story of a young woman who was adopted by her mother’s employers and as a result is a “black” girl who was brought up in a “white” home. This is a touching story told a by a woman who feels both privileged and disadvantaged by the fact that she defies racial labels and forces one to reconsider their views on race, class and gender and its impact on who we are.

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My Mother, My Rock

Jolanta Slomkowski

Not only is Pamela stronger than Popeye, she’s also just as courageous as a Soldier.
Pamela Maguga, a mom who has taken on the role of heading her household like only a super woman can. Watch as she demonstrates how to be a mom and dad and the interaction that takes place between Xolani and his mom/mom-dad.
This mother and son team is truly inspiring as they welcome me into their home with kindness and tell me their story. A must watch.

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