RUTV cleans up SABC Student News Awards

RUTV cleans up SABC Student News Awards

Ashleigh Nash, Joni Els & Hayley Mueller at the Sun City Awards

Ashleigh Nash describes her award winning night.
The annual SABC News Awards were held at Sun City in the North West province on Saturday, 13 September. As a nominee in the student category of ‘TV Current Affairs’ I was lucky enough to be invited to represent the Rhodes Journalism TV department and my crew for the weekend.
Rhodes Journalism had a strong presence at the awards with two of my television classmates nominated in the same category. From the moment we arrived, we felt like celebrities, having our own rooms and a personal chauffeur. The fact that this was a golf cart driver whom we paid to drive us a mere 1km made no difference. We were queens of the Lost City, where we found our childhood again by making waves on the lazy river and screaming down the dark tarantula slide. Although our time was interspersed with a rehearsal and a run though of the event, we had to admit that the awards were the reason we were there! (more…)


RUTV4 Tech Diaries – the hottest stuff

These are the notes we have writen up as tech guides for TV to show how we are getting in touch with the inner geek. Om wmv.

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10 Minute Investigative Documentaries 2008

10 Minute Investigative Documentaries 2008

The House on the Rocks
16×9 Productions

EXPLOSIVE allegations of sexual molestation, child abuse and brainwashing of children were made against House on the Rock, one of the Eastern Cape’s only palliative care centres for children. Most of the children are orphans from the HIV/Aids pandemic or its consequences..

Ken and Jenny van der Merwe, the managers were at the centre of this scandal which rocked East London. Amidst all the allegations, the real truth remained unclear and the facts still layered. This documentary shows all the sides of the story and lets you decide the truth of the matter.


Heard it through the Pipeline
Lit Up Productions

The Albany Water scheme is a proposed project to provide the Sunshine Coast with water. Existing resources in the area are limited and not adequate for drinking. This becomes a major problem during the busy holiday season. Local municipalities are working together with the project managers and funders to develop the scheme. There are however, some major contentions. The scheme will rely on a complex network of pipes that carries water from the Orange River scheme to the six towns in the project. It will cost about R1 billion. Experts are concerned that more economically viable, longer term solutions have not been properly considered, particularly since the Orange River is a limited source and will probably only be able to supply the area for a period of 20 years.

pipeline hi res
pipeline lo res

Holes in ESTA
SMGT Productions

There has been a high rise in the conversion of agricultural farms to game reserves in the Eastern Cape recently and so many of the farm workers have been evicted from their homes. In an attempt to protect the rights of farm-workers the South African government passed the Establishment of Security of Tenure Act (ESTA) in 1997. Under this law, people who had lived on the farm for more than ten years and were over the age of sixty had to be compensated upon sale of the land. The law also ensures that other farm workers not meeting these requirements cannot merely be evicted off the land, but rather negotiations must be entered into. This law seems great on paper, but in practice dubious methods are often employed in forcing workers to leave the land. This story looks at the holes within ESTA legislature by exploring two case studies, and through expert opinions, attempting to get to the heart of the problem.


Food Crisis
FAB Productions

This 10 minute documentary centers around the current international food crisis involving grain and wheat products, and its impact on the poor. Through the story of Nomsa and her family, we see how increasing food prices have affected families and their eating habits. A discussion of the causes and wider economic impacts of the crisis help the viewer to better understand the severity of the situation. A local NGO, The Umthathi Training Centre, then help Nomsa and her family by showing how the growing of a small food garden may be one of the small ways families can cope with the problem.


News NEWS News

News NEWS News

Schools of theft – 1min
Joni Els & Lyndsey Thorpe

Khutliso Daniels Secondary school has experienced many break ins, damage to the equipment and attempted robbery. Fortunately the culprits were prevented from stealing the school’s brand new computers as security firm High Tech were quick to respond. Principal Mcuba talks to RUTV News about the robberies that took place at his school and the likelihood that it is pupils that are involved.
Hi res version | lo res version

Political Violence March
SMGS Productions

A march was held in the wake of Human Rights Week on 7th March to protest against racism and sexual violence. The march, which included staff, students and academics, started at the Rhodes Admin building and proceeded down High Street to the Cathedral where a vigil was held. The theme of the march was ‘Political Violence’ and various speakers tackled this topic.
March – hi res | March – lo res

Vigilante Crime
SMGS Productions

This story reports an incident of mob ‘justice’. Sabelo Macman’s house was burnt down, and he was severely attacked with “sticks and fists” by members of his community. The residents of Transit Camp in Grahamstown claim that Macman threatened to rape various elderly women in the community. Following these threats they attacked him and he is currently recovering in hospital in Port Elizabeth. The trial has been postponed to the 7th April owing to the number of suspects, four of which were released on R500 bail on 7th March.
Vigilante – hi res | Vigilante – lo res

Car washers moved on
FAB Productions

car-washers | car-washers-lo

Mandela/Rhodes scholorships
16×9 Productions
Scholarships hi res | Scholarships lo res

Party Pills Alert
Dan Calderwood & Pippa Erlich
Party Pills – Hi res | Party Pills – lo

RU media spat on student drinking
Fab Productions
Student media – hi res | Student media – lo res

Thobani Ntame
Jade Menezies & Tasmin Vosloo

Thobani, a young grade 11 pupil, has re-established the Langa Production Group, a drama ensemble in Grahamstown.. This group aims to entertain the public but also bring about social change and development. These thought provoking productions aim to take children off the streets and get them involved in projects that make a difference. As crime statistics and real poverty levels are on the increase in Grahamstown, Thobani hopes to give children an alternative to violence and crime. His future looks bright and as he continues to excel his community will continue to reap the rewards.
thobani hi | thobani-lo

Chase sequences 2008

Chase sequences 2008

Download the chase sequences from Term 1

Hunter is the Hunted – FAB – hi res |FAB – lo res


Rouge 16×9 – hi res | Rouge 16×9 – lo res.wmv

SMGS – hi res | SMGS – lo res