Cafe Delizzia – a business in lockdown

Production by Khethiwe Shobede & Ongezwa Shosha

The experience of the 2020 lockdown for Cafe Delizzia – a popular cafe and restaurant in Makhanda. Dees Naidoo – who took over the business 6 weeks before the Covid-19 crisis, describes the effects this has on staff and the business.


Lockdown and Mental Health

Production by Ongezwa Shosha

An explainer video of some of the experiences of Covid-19 lockdown


The 7 Chakra System explained

Production by Claire O’Reilly

An explainer video on the 7 chakras and the energy system that governs our physical and mental well being


Muggings on the rise

Production by Khethiwe Shobede

An explainer video on the rise of mugging and street crime on women in South Africa


BE AWARE of the perils of social media

Production by Monique January

An explainer video on the perils of social media


Electoral Reform in South Africa

Production by Luvo Mnyobe

An explainer video looking at the Constitutional Court ruling allowing ordinary South Africans to contest for seats in the national assembly. Currently, in South Africa elections happen under the proportional system which requires that people should be elected leaders within political parties before they can stand for elections representatives of political parties