Paediatrics: Life in the ward

Production by Ciara O’Donoghue, Courtney Jeftha and Justin Cronje

We look at the paediatric ward at Stanger hospital in Kwazulu Natal. This documentary had numerous views last month thanks to Like most hospitals in the country we find the ward is struggling from lack of resources, staffing and funding. Staff here have implemented a Children’s Rights Charter stating that all children have the right to medical help and the best treatment possible. The hospital tries to make a difference to the community before the national NHI policy is set up. The documentary poses the positive outcome of universal healthcare.


What it Takes

Production by Lameez Khumalo, Christian Stroud & Nokwanda Dlamini

What does it take to have your name in lights, and countless fans screaming your name? What does it take to turn a passion for music into a dynasty? The music industry is cut-throat and the difficulties that independent artists face are unforgiving. What it Takes follows New Age Steeze, a group of independent artists who have dedicated their lives to their craft. When New Age Steeze members Richlifeking, Alfa Kat Laygo and Jillz are given the opportunity to be opening acts for a legendary South African hip hop artist, their struggles came to light and their dedication was put to the test.



Production by Hannah Chibayambuya, Zama Luthuli and Sandisiwe Magadla

Coconut? Cheeseboy? Oreo? Certain types of black people have had these terms used on them. Three filmmakers head on a quest to find out what is black and who defines blackness. What is Black explores the complicated relationship three characters who grew up in white spaces have with their blackness and coming to terms with their black identity.


Lomhlaba Ungowethu! – This is our land!

Production by Nontokozo Mchunu, Tswelopele Maputla & Zandile Hlabangane

We explore a successful black-owned farm in Kwazulu Natal.
The community project operates under the Eyethu Trust after land was redistributed to the people of eMabomvini near Kranskop. The farmers talk of their history, their sugar cane and timber production and the real issues of land expropriation without compensation.

With land expropriation without compensation and the questions around sustainability this documentary is an provocative example of a successfully black-owned community farm that might answer some questions.


My grandfather – the pianist

Production by Zama Luthuli
Many black South Africans lost memories and documents due to being displaced during apartheid. Zama Luthuli’s family is no different. In this video she writes a letter to her late grandfather who she has a deep connection with though she has never met him. Her grandfather’s dream was to become a piano player, something that has truly inspired her. The theme of the video speaks to how black people in South Africa have been denied their dreams because of this country’s history.
Archive footage is used to tell this story because of the lack of documentation of Zama’s grandfather’s life.


Remembering Us Alive

Production by Sandisiwe Magadla
Sandisiwe Magadla looks at her family’s tradition of filming funeral videos to explore the representation of black people in film over the years. She looks at the practice of blackface and what it means to be remembered when these exist. She explains that she wants to document black people as well as to document herself to honour her people.