Against the Current

Meet Zulu surfer girl, Samukelisiwe Cele who is heading to go far in the surfing world. She grapples with her circumstances, family pressures and the need to be a typical teenager.
As the South African Championship surfing competition in Cape Town looms, Samukelisiwe knows she needs to train for the competition, but the outcome is uncertain as she tries to balance her love for her friends, her future education and her desire to be a world champion.
As the first and only black female competing in South Africa at the moment, her struggles are far from over and her story illuminates the difficulties of being one of a kind in a competitive and sometimes alienating sporting world.

Production by Kayleigh Tuck, Aphile-Aphile Sololo & Sebastian Burger


iNtombi Nto

iNtombi Nto is a story about family bonds and heritage in South Africa. We enter the world of Nompilo Ngubane as she prepares for a traditional Zulu coming-of-age ceremony, uMemulo. Outspoken and university-educated, Nompilo must live a life of balance between Western ‘modernity’ and African tradition while maintaining her quirky and cheerful demeanour. This film is a must-see for anyone curious about other cultures, and anyone who knows that, at the end of the day, life is full of nuance and compromise.

Production by Nontobeko Gumede, Sarah Knight & Kellan Botha



Eina! is about a Rhodes University television student who sets out to make a film about the effects of corporal punishment as he has experienced them first hand. He takes us on a journey with three other students who have experienced a similar ordeal.
The film by Michael Dorfling is based on a personal experience he went through in high school. The beating he took in class emotionally scarred him and he finally decided to come out and talk about his story. Along with his television crew he finds three other intriguing survivors of corporal punishment and together they begin a cathartic process of healing.

Production by Michael Dorfling, Stephanie Shumba, Smangaliso Ngwenya & Zizipho Majavu


Scifest: Strive to Drive –

In a time when technology rules and everything is digital; kids choose to break out and crash into a physical world of soap boxes and fun. Instead of smartphones and consoles, a box car race lets kids get their hands dirty and having fun the old fashion way.

Teams of Grahamstown learners with some adults have a day to design, build and race basic soap box cars through the crowds at Scifest Africa. Great fun.

Production by Sebastian Burger & Sarah Knight


Scifest: Retracing our Steps

Join the inquisitive youth of Grahamstown on a journey into our shared history by retracing our ancestors’ diverse genetic journey to find a global shared humanity. With commentary by Ella Al-Shamahi, palaeoanthropologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, we get a taste of modern scientific discovery and how this impacts issues such as race, poverty and education.

Production by Kellan Botha & Nontobeko Gumede


Scifest: OUT OF TIME

Mother Earth is suffering daily as the fuel for our cars are damaging her. The team from Scifest Africa and the youth of South Africa may be able to save her.

At Scifest Africa 2016, learners from across the country participated in workshops including Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Biotechnology. They learnt a thing or two about the importance of renewable energy. The workshop was hosted by SAASTA.

Production by Kayleigh Tuck & Stephanie Shumba