Don’t Miss Heritage Cape Town

Don’t Miss Heritage Cape Town

Monique January feels the power of a different beauty pagaent

Beauty no longer has one fixed face and body representing it, it comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. While including various physical appearances may seem like the end goal, real beauty is the deeper ideological meaning associated with beauty. This is the prize.
Miss Heritage Cape Town tells an empowering story of surpassing normative beauty standards and celebrating more voluptuous unconventional woman seen through the lens of 20-year-old Olwaba Nkuzi.

Set in Khayelitsha, director Sesethu Mcoyana uses the emotive personal journey of a pageant participant to show the personal mental development that such an inclusive pageant gives to women that are normatively excluded from societal beauty standards.
Mcoyana captures the self-confidence and acceptance that comes from being embraced by society. It creates a sense of belonging in a world where women have to navigate their standing through various obstacles. As a young female, aware of the perceptions of beauty and the treatment accordingly received from society, seeing Olwaba walking down the local runway with a confident smile, self-love and acceptance evokes emotions. I felt victorious with her, because in that moment she realises that she is fearless and beautiful and that is how all women deserve to feel about themselves.

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