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So no, Makhanda is not Wakhanda, people, we’re the hometown of Rhodes University and the School of Journalism and Media Studies where we are all studying TV. For us, it’s brilliant that Encounters Film Festival is online this year. In past years we could never see the film festival out there in Cape Town, Joburg and the bigger smokes.
Now you can watch the Encounters Film Festival 2020 anywhere you are… whether you’re in iBayi, in Alice, eMonti or out in Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Jozi etc – Shoutout to all the Journalism and Media students out there! And if you want to know about documentary film, and what to watch at the Encounters Film Festival this year, we’re here to guide you, cos we actually produce and study this stuff.
So deal with your #FOMO and book a doccie to watch!

To book an Encounters screening, go to the Encounters website and click on 2020 Festival. You’ll see a dropdown menu and you can check out the schedule for the day to see what are the specials only showing that day. Some movies are available every day. Just click on the button that says Rent for $0 and off you go (really people, why dollars, let’s Africanize!). If it’s your first time (wink) you need to register with your email and a password you make up.
So, watch out for our reviews on our blogsite and welcome to a jam-packed week of nothing but film! The RUTV4 students are excited to review some really awesome, informative and thought-provoking films.
If you want to see who we are – meet the team! We were more innocent before lockdown.


We strongly believe that storytellers hold the power to destroy, build, discourage, encourage or unite humanity. At the core of our values is uniting humanity. We hold power to change this world and that is why we want you to watch the Encounters doccies – some of the most thought-provoking, challenging, informative, supportive and emotionally and intellectually engaging documentary films.
So, like a Jill-in-the-box or maybe a Jack-in-the-box, we grabbed this opportunity to share our views on some of these films. We will be writing reviews and posting reviews recorded live on Zoom. So, sit back, relax and enjoy our short reviews before you commit to a documentary. And make sure you follow our school on Twitter where we’ll be sharing the latest reviews every day

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