Tik in Grahamstown

Report by Deneesha Pillay and Cindy Archillies – Dangerous Minds Productions.

In the last four years, Tik (methamphetamine) has become a serious problem for Grahamstown. The drug makes its users forget their challenges of poverty and unemployment but leads to jail, institutions or death. Tik abuse in Grahamstown is prevalent amongst scholars and students and thenaffects their loved ones and the wider community.
Police Spokesperson, Captain Mali Govender, sees Tik and Tik related crimes as a matter of grave concern in the area. Clinical psychologist Scott Wood explains the effects of the drug on the individual and what makes the drug so popular. A DA councillor states that Tik abuse is not exclusive to townships but is a community-wide issue .A former Tik user and dealer speaks about his experiences as an addict and why he thinks the problem will not go away in the near future.

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