Freedom – VonDirty

Production by Cindy Achilles & Robyn Wertheim

Freedom is a house track produced by Grahamstown DJ VonDirty featuring Saya that tells the story of two unrequited lovers. The video tells the story of a woman who is getting ready for a night out. While she is getting ready we enter her fantasies where her lover is helping her to get dressed. Once she is finished getting ready she goes to a local nightclub where he is DJ-ing. There the two dance together. It is when she goes to the bathroom and we re-enter her fantasies that we see that their love story is not quite what it seems. Distraught by this realization, she returns home by herself. VonDirty is a well-known local performer who is the resident DJ at establishments in town. Saya is a Journalism Student who performs in her spare time.

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