Rights to Dignity

Tamzyn Degoumois, Phumzile Manana & Robyn McCormick Human Rights Documentary

Thirteen years ago, Colley Mpako lost the use of his legs after being stabbed multiple times in a mugging. He has undergone intensive treatment and therapy in Cape Town and is in a wheelchair. He is an outspoken activist for the rights of people with physical impairments.
We spent a day seeing how Colley lives his life to the full despite being in a wheelchair. Colley talks to us about the lack of accessibility to buildings, pavements and transport in Grahamstown and how this affects his ability to get around, as well as the way he is treated by physically able people. His experiences bring insight to the struggles that physically impaired people face in finding employment and equal treatment because of “the blind eye” that is turned on them by those who have the power to improve the situation.

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