Ravaged Retribution

Investigartive documentary – 10min
Produced by Camalita Naicker, Gregory Aldridge, Katherine V Robinson & Zikhona Tshona

Ravaged Retribution examines the consequences of the lack of conviction of rape in South Africa. We look at cases in which angry communities take the law into their own hands and resort to mob justice in reaction to a flawed justice system. This induces a woeful and vicious cycle of revenge and retribution. We see how communities in Grahamstown and East London have used mob violence in order to seek justice in cases of rape
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Versaak (Forsaken)

Investigative documentary – 10min
Produced by Phumzile Manana, Robyn McCormick, Tamzyn Degoumois

In Versaak (Forsaken) we expose the human suffering caused by neglect and incompetence of those who have power but no will to serve their people. We examine the community of Rosedale in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape established as a coloured township during the Apartheid regime and little has change since.. While much of South Africa is reaping the rewards of democracy Rosedale has been forsaken by the government and left to deteriorate.
versaak – wmv | versaak flash


Trust gunned down

Investigative documentary – 10min
Produced by Anesu Chingono, Jess Levy. Richard Moor, Sibongile Mafu
We investigate cases of misconduct and crime by members of the Grahamstown Police. It looks at why the police- the very people we put our faith in to protect us are in fact hurting us. The documentary unravels the story of two young men who were at the wrong end of police violence. It portrays a young man’s struggle for justice and another family’s quest for answers as to why the police violently murdered one of their family members.
trust gunned – flash | trust gunned – wmv


Walking for Hope

Paul Harris, Kyla Herrmannsen, Nontobeko Sibisi & Laura Wener

Jenny du Plessis is a 40 year old, unemployed mother who lives in Grahamstown. She faces many struggles in her daily life; she is HIV positive and diagnosed with cervical cancer. These illnesses make her too sick to work and as a result she struggles to support her 6 year old daughter, Hope.

Despite her situation and her multiple attempts to get a disability grant, Jenny is still without one and relies solely on the child grant she receives of R240 a month. We explore this violation of her rights from her perspective and what this means in her day to day living. Hope is the centre of her universe and provides Jenny with a reason to live and fight her ailments. We follow her daily struggle to support Hope.


Cracking a Smile

Gregory Aldridge, Camalita Naicker, Katherine Robinson & Zikhona Tshona

Linda Anthony, whose human rights were violated by six men who beat her up until she was unconscious, tells how she is using her experience to make others smile.
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Rights to Dignity

Tamzyn Degoumois, Phumzile Manana & Robyn McCormick Human Rights Documentary

Thirteen years ago, Colley Mpako lost the use of his legs after being stabbed multiple times in a mugging. He has undergone intensive treatment and therapy in Cape Town and is in a wheelchair. He is an outspoken activist for the rights of people with physical impairments.
We spent a day seeing how Colley lives his life to the full despite being in a wheelchair. Colley talks to us about the lack of accessibility to buildings, pavements and transport in Grahamstown and how this affects his ability to get around, as well as the way he is treated by physically able people. His experiences bring insight to the struggles that physically impaired people face in finding employment and equal treatment because of “the blind eye” that is turned on them by those who have the power to improve the situation.