Midnight Hubris – Do You Remember? (music video)

Miguel da Silva, aka Midnight Hubris, is a South African musician from East London in the Eastern Cape. Inspired by music genres of indie, rhythm and blues, alternative and hip hop, Midnight Hubris sets out to create a new lane of music in the South African Music Industry.
Let East London’s Midnight Hubris take you on a nostalgic trip with his debut single, Do You Remember? The single off his new album, Midnight FM! The video explores a retro effect mixed with modernism. The end is inspired by Action Bronson’s Ancient Aliens viewing.

Production by Monique January and Temba Mkosi


‘This Dance’ – Steezy McLovin featuring Eezow & Sokhana (music video)

Steezy, Sokhana and Eezow wrote this song for all the girls who like to have a good time. We meet the men they meet in a club – from the boys who are just to stiff to dance, the eccentric boys dancing the night away and the girl ready to hit the dance floor.

Production by Luvo Mnyobe & Khaka Ngcofe


Mission Lockdown Recipes: Peppermint Crisp Tart

Catherine White whips up a sweet treat

Are you feeling stranded at home during lockdown? Do you have access to cream, tinned caramel, tennis biscuits and peppermint crisp? Make it your mission to try out this easy recipe. If I can do it, you can too!


Portrait of place – Hand Made Coffees

A portrait of Hand Made Coffees, a popular hang out for students and coffee lovers in Grahamstown. Handmade Coffees stems from a boutique micro-roastery situated at the mouth of the Keiskamma River in the Eastern Cape. They emphasise and prioritise freshness above all. The café offers a wide variety of coffee for caffeine lovers and warm beverages for those who prefer their warm drinks without caffeine.

Production by Luvo Mnyobe


Portrait of a place – SB Hair and Nails Salon

Good quality hair styles and professional manicures awaits Sbotsi’s clients, along with her colourful and warm personality. SB Hair and Nails Salon, situated at 38 New Street in Makhanda, provides comfort, relaxation and beautification.

Production by Monique January


Portrait of place – Tithes & Offerings

Meet Wynona Mutisi, a multidisciplinary artist and student at the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR). She takes us on a tour of one of her many disciplines – printmaking. By blending paints and block printing she enjoys the thrill of anticipating the result? She simply does art because it is what she has to offer. The magic is in witnessing the process.

Production by Leago Mamabolo


Portrait of Place – Red Café

We visit The Red Café in High Street, Grahamstown \ Mahkanda to feel the atmosphere of this friendly and popular little café. Owner Louis talks about their menu and what makes Red Café one of the most charming establishments in town. The discusses the issues that a small business owner has to go through in order to keep running.

Production by Michael Taylor


Portrait of a place – Thethani Siwa, Tailor

Tethani Siwa is a tailor in Makhanda that caters for different people and different styles. We learn about his business and designs.

Production by Ongezwa Shosha


Portrait of place – Tshisa Nyama in Makhanda

Experience the sounds of Simphiwe Xako’s Tshisa Nyama restaurant in the corner of High and Knight Street in Makhanda

Production by Temba Mkosi


Portrait of place – Ultra Fitness

Bill Jokana is a personal trainer at a gym in Grahamstown. He understands the many reasons people join a gym and encourages people of all ages to look after their bodies, to remain healthy and increase their chances of living longer. Bill shows us a normal day in his world…

Production by Khaka Ngcofe


Portrait of place – Nail salon

Production by Khethiwe Shobede


Portrait of place – Richard Pullen Pottery

Production by Clare O’Reilly


Portrait of place – Fusion Foods

Production by Catherine White


Meet the TV production class – 2019

Students completing the B. Journalism at the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University introduce themselves and their vision.



Trailer at iNkciyo
After leaving her Pondoland village 11 years ago, Zimkhita Kweza revisits her past and questions a cultural practice that has shaped her identity. She is now a feminist with new ideologies and questions about the isiXhosa practice of virginity testing. On a journey seeking for answers she meets different people and leaders in the community who face her provocative questions.

Production by Zimkhita Kweza & Nelisa Kom


I am Thandiwe

Trailer at I am Thandiwe
Our roots tell us who we are meant to be, our routes in life show us where we have been and who we are. In this personal self-reflective documentary Thandiwe Wiltshire shares her life with us. Not only as a black child raised by white parents, but as a young woman who makes us introspect on ‘what is Black’, and Blackness in relation to her family dynamics. Adopted at the age of three months, all she has known is the life created for her by the Wiltshire family; but with an identity entirely her own and one which she fought hard to create.
Production by Beugené Green and Yolanda Mdzeke