Not Just Skin

Zikhona Tshona – 5min

As people we tend not to appreciate difference but discriminate against people who are not like us. This is a story about albanism and how this has given a local man the strength and courage to face those who belittle him.
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Phumzile Manana – 5min

A documentary on the anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). We explore the frustrations of the disorder through the experience of a young woman.

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Tamzyn Degoumois – 5min

Phoenix follows ex-crack cocaine addict Gavin Pearson through his emotional and psychological journey at a rehabilitation centre. Through this process Gavin is trying to pull himself back from the brink, take what he can from his mistakes and move on to strive to live better.
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Propolis – healing from the hive

Anesu Chingono – 5min

Propolis is a resin that is collected by bees from the saps of plants and trees to protect their hives against any unwanted bacteria. Propolis is now being extracted by humans for medicinal uses. Research has shown that Propolis, labeled by some as a “natural anti-biotic”, heals a variety of sicknesses from HIV eczema, gout, arthritis, peptic ulcers, to colds and flu’s. Is this the new wonder drug that will finally replace anti-biotics?
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uMemulo: A gift from my mother

Nontobeko Sibisi

In Zulu tradition, when a woman turns 21 and has not disappointed her family or brought their name into disrepute she receives uMemulo from her mother in recognition of her successful passage to maturity. We follow Nomzamo through her coming of age ceremony.
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An Education Imagined

Investigative documentary – 10min
Produced by Paul Harris, Kyla Herrmannsen, Nontobeko Sibisi & Laura Wener
The South African education system is in trouble. Falling pass rates, teacher shortages and a desperate lack of educational resources are common. Learners are failing to cope with school.
‘An Education Imagined’ looks at the Quintile System designed to right the wrongs of Apartheid education. Many feel it has made inequalities worse. Complex processes and government incompetency makes education outcomes unrealistic.
Through investigative journalism we examine the system in schools in Grahamstown and expose several flaws. While government officials sit in their offices and pass on the blame to others it is the learners who continue to suffer.
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