Gerry Dixon

Jess Levy – 5min

Do you ever stop to listen to your heart beat? This quirky profile of Gerry Dixon, an artist who listens to the beat of his heart, and sticks to what it tells him, uses animation to portray the vibrancy that is Dixon’s life. Shot in HD which is not possible to project tonight.
gerry dixon – flash | gerry-lo-res|


The Graveyard Shift

Katherine .V. Robinson – 5 mins

A Grahamstown grave-digger epitomises the human condition. This piece reflects our shared condition; its absurdity, tedium, futility, beauty and inevitable fate. We persevere with our humdrum, laborious existence, struggling to attain meaning, only to dig ourselves another grave.
graveyard-flash | graveyard-hi res | graveyard- lo-res


Hard Living

Richard Moor – 5mins

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Individual Documentary at the 2010 Roxbury Doc Film Fest

A harrowing story of two brothers who have been moulded through prison, torture and life on the streets into a life of crime and drug abuse in Grahamstown.

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Kol Haolam Kaper

Laura Wener – 5min

‘All the world is a village’ looks at being Jewish in the small town – ‘village’ -of Grahamstown. We hear from Sian Cohen, a Jewish student living out her Judaism despite difficulties and challenges. We take a journey back in time with former Jewish community leader and mayor of Grahamstown, Leon Reich who shares his stories of what Jewish life once was in Grahamstown.
kol-haolam-lo res | kol-haolam flash


All Men are Equal

Sibongile Mafu – 5min

Black rugby in this country is struggling with transformation. Young, black players with promising futures have their careers cut short due to a lack of opportunity. This documentary looks at rugby through the eyes of an ex rugby player and rugby lover who has many things to say about the game in South Africa.
men-are-lo res


My Borrowed Son

Kyla Herrmannsen – 5min

In life bad situations can be salvaged by good people. My Borrowed Son follows a day in the life of Margaret and her foster son, Kwekwe, who was abused by his father as a baby and was taken in by Margaret. We look at their special bond.
my-borrowed-son – hi res | my-borrowed-lo res | my-borrowed-son – flash