Sugar High

Edit Four Productions – 24mins
Gregory Aldridge, Katherine .V. Robinson, Camalita Naicker & Zikhona Tshona

A toxic epidemic is destroying the lives of many in Chatsworth, Durban. Sugars is a highly addictive drug derived from heroin which has extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. We expose the devastating truth of how the community of Chatsworth is being destroyed by this drug and see the realities addicts endure for their next hit.
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Mother Knows Best

Tripod Production – 24mins
Robyn McCormick, Phumzile Manana, Laura Wener

In South Africa, thousands of children are abandoned every year through poverty, coupled with drug and alcohol abuse. Traditionally, it is the policy to keep babies with their biological mothers but this is not always in the best interests of the child. This documentary reveals, through the lives of untraditional South African families, that this is not always the best option. Sometimes, mother does not know best.
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Abazali Abasekho

Camalita Naicker – 5min

A young learner in Groutville, KZN reflects on his life and future. He is troubled by the loss of his parents and the impact their deaths have on his life. This is the story confronting many young child-headed households.
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Am Bodach – The Old Man

Robyn McCormick – 5min

Am Bodach (Gaelic for “The Old Man”) explores the universal experience of residents of an old-age home. Ronnie Smith sits in the Grahamstown home’s small courtyard as though waiting for something.Three poems by Don Maclennan povide a rich text to filter his day.
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A Community Conquered

Paul Harris – 5min

An Afrikaans Reggae band, based in Greyton, Western Cape, use their music to inspire the local community to unite to tackle their issues of drugs, crime and unemployment. In return the band members win respect and understanding from the community for their Rastafarian beliefs and culture.
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Feel it – it is Gone

Gregory Aldridge – 5mins

Feel it is gone? This documentary investigates post world cup emotions asking specific questions of the viewer. The character takes you through an investigation of your thoughts regarding the 2010 World Cup while offering you a subtle, dry comedic look at the ordeal of the competition and the events that followed the tournament.

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