Hazel Zondani – Gogo’s day

A day in the life of Hazel Zondani, a grandmother looking after her grandchildren after the death of their parents.

Report by Tebo Ramosili and Louise Fuller


A Woman First – Danica’s story

Being in a physical body that matches with one’s gender identity is something many of us may take for granted. 21-year-old student Danica Davis does not have this luxury. Danica speaks about the daily struggles she faces as a transgender female in the process of undergoing gender reassignment surgery. This cinema vérité style piece follows a day in her life as a student at Rhodes University.

Produced by Rhea MacDonald & Laura Skippers


The South African Library for the Blind – portrait of place

In an article by Roos Bersma, the South African Library for the Blind is explored and hailed for its dedication to helping the blind community of South Africa. In this video piece, the mood of the library comes to life, from the printing of a braille publication to the recording of an audio book.

Produced by Teboho Ramosili


Joy’s Hair Salon – portrait of place

Whether it’s for braids, cornrows or extensions. Joy’s Hair Salon in Grahamstown is the go to place for all hair treatments. With years of experience, Joy’s Hair Salon offers its customers great service.

Produced by Siyavuya Makubalo


Makana Meadery – portrait of place

Mead, or iQhilika in isiXhosa, is an ancient alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of honey. It is the oldest known alcoholic beverage, and is thought to have originated in the African continent about 20 000 years ago. Makana Meadery , located in the industrial area of Grahamstown, has been producing mead, as well as other honey products since 2000. Here is a peak into the daily workings of the meadery and an up close and personal look at the bees.

Produced by Rhea MacDonald


Archie Mbolekwa’s new class – portrait of place

Archie Mbolekwa Senior Primary School in Grahamstown has a new and special addition: a Grade Four class. Watch the class as they take part in the different activities they enjoy in their classroom.

The Grade Four class is a new addition in the school. There was a gap in the community for some of the children to go to primary school. Most the learners in the class were at a school which ended at Grade Three. After fundraising and donations Archie Mbolekwa opened their gates and welcomed the displaced learners.

Report by Nikho Mageza