Toying with Science

A Rhodes University student attends the Toys from Trash and Mankala workshops at Scifest Africa


Close to Home

On the streets of Athlone, Cape Town, boys grow up idolizing neighbourhood gangsters standing on street corners and jump at the chance to become one of them – a township celebrity. Grant Porthen was one of those boys. For his mother, Sharon, tough love was the only answer. Eventually she was forced to give up on her son. Grant endured prison, the wrath of the Numbers gang and crystal meth addiction leading to the collapse of his thriving drug empire. Close to Home documents the changing relationship between Grant and Aunty Sharon through the years. Their determination to stay connected through separation and pain explores the deeper meaning of love and family.

Production by Rhea MacDonald, Laura Skippers & Louise Fuller


#RHODESSOWHITE – Director’s Cut

#RhodesSoWhite explores systematic white privilege within Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Students talk through the current controversies and share their ideas of transformation in this 24 min documentary.

The production deepens the conversations around #BlackLivesMatter, #RhodesMustFall and #Luister, looking at the racial experiences of students on campus in a time of change.

Production by Campbell Easton, Jenna Lillie & Nikho Mageza


Basotho ma Xhoseng – Sotho people amongst Xhosa people

Lehlohonolo Matsepe and Prudence Dyofile are two students who identify as Sotho, but find themselves slightly out of place in the Eastern Cape a predominantly Xhosa region. Despite their difficulties, both have found comfort in their own culture and identity while navigating through the cultural melting pot of Rhodes University.

Production by Teboho Ramosili


Letting go

There’s quite a lot of attention given to what happens to boys who grow up without fathers, but there is growing research that suggests that girls are affected just as much, if not more.

Nash Skosana never thought her father’s absence affected her that much. She weighs her feelings and remembers what life was like without a father around.

Production by Rhea MacDonald


Living in Colour

Living in Colour explores the challenges young black South Africans have when it comes to playing an active role in their culture.
Meet Kimerudi Motswai – a student at Rhodes University – as she describes her sense of cultural dislocation.

Production by Nikho Mageza