Violet’s War

Production by Ciara O’Donoghue
This is just one of the many stories of my great grandmother, Violet Lilly Hartig. A feisty women with a sharp tongue and even sharper mind, growing up she was always an inspiration to me. During World War II when she was just 23 years old, Violet joined the South African Military Nursing service, working on the ambulance trains that carried soldiers from Durban to Pretoria. Just like the strong, powerful woman I knew, she did her best to save the lives and lift the spirits of the wounded soldiers aboard her train.


Police Killed the Radio Star

Production by Christian Stroud
In 1984 my mother lived in Grahamstown South Africa. While away on holiday the local police spotted a black man in my mother’s house. The police shot first and asked questions later, but when they inspected the scene, it turned out that the intruder was a 6 foot life sized poster of Michael Jackson. This story is a snapshot of the violence and injustice of apartheid, but with police brutality and racial profiling being as prevalent as ever, this story has relevance outside of its time and location.


Salma Mohammed: stolen home

Production by Lameez Khumalo
The Group Areas act of 1950 affected the lives of many South Africans. People of colour lost their homes resulting in a great deal of displacement across the country. This video delves deeper into a personal story about the day my great grandfather lost his farm and shopand how it affected our family.

I have had to use archive footage to tell the story because all the photos of my grandmother growing up were lost the day they took my great grandfathers farm. Till this day my grandmother is haunted by the pain caused by the loss of her home. This heart wrenching story is just one glimpse into what living in South Africa was like, during the Apartheid era.


Kuyobongwa Amaqhawe!

Production by Nontokozo Mchunu
The untold story of Sobuza Ngubane, my uncle who had a huge contribution in the struggle of apartheid and Inkatha and fighting for a better education system for black people. He was loved and respected by many in his rural community, known as Kwamambhulu where he started a school and later a clinic.


LAND STORIES Samson – the Water Man

Production by Ciara O’Donaghue & Zama Lithuli

Meet Samson – the water man, a resident of Hogsback and a plumber. This video is about Samson Matini, a resident of Hogsback and plumber. Samson speaks about his family land history, the impact of not being able to own land and how moving around prior to settling at Esikhululweni affected him and his family. Samson’s expertise lies in water and water systems and he uses this skill to try and help his community. Samson also shares his knowledge on the water systems in Hogsback and how the forestry company plantation affects the water supply and quality.


LAND STORIES Bold woman of Bold Point

Production by Lameez Khumalo & Courtney Jeftha
Archive video from TV production “Long Road to Bold Point”, 2009

Ntombisizwe Mafika is deemed the bold woman from Bold Point because of her phenomenal strength and determination. After going through a lifetime of displacement she found the place she could call home in Bold Point, Hogsback. Due to legal implications and personal reasons she can’t live in Bold Point and is not living where she feels her heart belongs. This video explores Ntombisizwe’s heartfelt story.