Elisha Mudly – Now it’s cold

Production by Christopher Tucker, Kelley Wake and Enathi Mqokeli.

Elisha Mudly allows you into her mind to look back at memories of fighting with her lover. She suggests you cherish your loved one or before you know it they will be gone leaving memories of hard times that could have been avoided.
Elisha Mudly with Michael von Bardeleben


Sunship – My Death

Production by Tarryn Ross, Martin Bleazard and Candice Ford.

Sunhip’s ‘My Death’ video follows a journey of a frustrated sector 9 skateboarder around Grahamstown. Struggling to come to terms with his existential crisis, he writes a note stating that he won’t be coming back. Join us on his journey to escape both society and reality as he cheats death from sunrise to sunset.
Music by Sunship: Larry Strelitz, Strato Coptoros and Anton Brink. Lyrics by Robert Berold


Death Clown Communists – Shackles and Bones

Production by Aimee Caulfield, Justin Archer and Thomas Mills

Death Clown Communist is a song that takes a satirical look at capitalism and communism, as one clown tries to transform the whole town into a brainwashed mob
Shackles and Bones is a four-piece Grahamstown rock band currently taking over the world one step at a time. Their breakthrough track Death Clown Communist, critiques our current economic climate. If capitalism and communism is not the answer, what is? The “girl with the flowers in her hair” knows something that we all don’t.
Music: Shackles and Bones


Dead March

Filmed, edited and directed by MisProductions: Charmian Africa, Gabi Zietsman & Rosanna Scott.

A horror-surrealist music video about a man haunted by an unknown presence and a
ghost trying to reconnect with the living. A look into the fragility of the mind when faced
with uncertainty.
Actors: Peter John Urban and Keegan van Zyl. Music: “Sad Song”by Brent Shaw.