The Red Ribbon Drug

Production by Tarryn Ross, Kelley Wake & Christopher Tucker – 24min

South Africa has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world: with women being the most vulnerable sector. We share the lives of HIV positive women whose prognoses have been dramatically changed since the roll-out of anti-retrovirals – the Red Ribbon Drugs. While ARV’s prove to be the miracle drugs that allow infected persons to live a full life, the stigma remains and the rate of infection is still climbing. We meet people living positively with the virus, re-examine the failed history of the state’s disease intervention and find out how ARVs are being misused by people in the Eastern Cape.


Woodstock – The Art of Living

Production by Aimee Caulfield, Candice Ford & Gabi Zietsman 24min

Woodstock in Cape Town is emerging as an artistic suburb fostering a tightly-knit and diverse community adapting the dilapidated charm of a notorious inner city suburb with some simple innovative design interventions. We see how some professionals within the community make a difference and are drawn to the inclusive spirit that the community can offer. Violet’s Walk, a Peace Garden, a graffiti project, radical cycling and other innovative projects offer a model of a mixed community adapting to an urban future without passively waiting for commercial development and central planning.


Courting Tradition

Production by Candyce Bruce, Julie Campbell & Enathi Mqokeli

The Traditional Courts Bill is highly contested legislation that is seen as being unconstitutional, undemocratic and may be negative for vulnerable rural women. Courting Tradition engages critically with this bill by presenting diverse voices on the tabled law as well as what should be done to challenge its retrogressive powers over rural society. A contrasting history of the traditional and magistrates courts is presented to outline the future challenges to ensure effective justice beyond party alliances.


Proceed with Caution

Investigative documentary by Martin Bleazard, Kelley Wake and Justin Archer.

The Eastern Cape has some of the deadliest roads in South Africa. More people die on the road from Mthatha and East London annually than any other road in South Africa and yet surprisingly the Eastern Cape statistics show that is has the 6th lowest rating of policing on the roads. We set off to investigate what solutions the government is implementing and what impact these roads have on people that use them like farmers and paramedics


On the Move – the horrors of hitch-hiking

Production by Charmian Africa, Sungeni Chithambo & Enathi Mqokeli

This investigative story explores the tragic murder of Lelona Fufu, a Rhodes graduate who was killed in Port Elizabeth when hiking to her graduation ceremony in Grahamstown. The piece thus looks into the culture of hitch-hiking and the different issues involving it in the Eastern Cape. The story comprises of four components, the Fufu hike gone wrong, public opinion about hitch-hiking, a case study about a grade 8 pupil who hitch-hikes home after school and experts also give more insight into the issue.


Beneath the Surface

By Thomas Mills, Gabi Zietsman and Christopher Tucker.
Investigative documentary 10min

Commercial shark fishing is one of the least publicized industries in South Africa. Experts, restaurant owners and retailers say that shark meat is a viable food source but regulations and policy is in disarray;. This documentary shows that this industry exists and has to be regulated to be susatainable. We travel along the Eastern Cape coastline to a St Francis Bay factory that processes shark and sells it. We meet shark conservationists to hear what the industry could do for tourism and environmental impact and a restaurant owner who serves shark on his menu.
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