Black Girls Skating

Production by Luvo Mnyobe & Leago Mamabolo

Skating, like other forms of sports, remains gendered, and mostly practiced by men. It is also racialized as black communities do not have the facilities to participate. We look at three black women who go against the grain and have created a community of black girls in skating culture. For them skating gives a feeling of freedom, inclusivity and joy. They founded SMUDGE, a group of black women who teach one another how to skate.


The Democratic Alliance’s troubled history with Racism

Production by Luvo Mnyobe

Luvo Mnyobe, a student journalist traces the Democratic Alliance’s history with racism. Using archive footage from news channels to analyse/explain the official opposition’s handling of issues of racial diversity in South Africa.


Plague Diaries – A week of conversation in lockdown

Production by Leago Mamabolo

Leago Mamabolo documented a week of what life has been like for her during lockdown. She lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her partner and documents conversations she has been having with her partner, neighbour and friends during this time. The broader meaning of the documentary is trying to understand the personal and societal changes the pandemic has affected as well as understanding the broader dimensions of family beyond the traditional nuclear family.



Production by Monique January

Monique January shares her story of being a “laatlammetjie” to older parents and being born premature. She shares the rich memories and story of her mother, Dorothy Monyake’s planning for the arrival of her much-anticipated girl child.


The struggle of online learning at university

Production by Ongezwa Shosha

Meet Ongezwa Shosha, a 4th year B. Journalism student at the University currently known as Rhodes (UCKAR). She takes us on a journey of what it means to continue to study online during Covid19 lockdown when you are an in an underprivileged rural location. With travelling from one place to another, in search of a better place to access the online learning. She is from a village that has no electricity, and has to take the option to move to live with her father in a small town Carletonville in Gauteng province.