Wonderful wavelengths: lights and lasers – Scifest Africa 2015

Did you know that laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation? No? You are not alone. Many of us have seen lasers in sci-fi movies like Star Wars and James Bond, but something we may not realise is that lasers special properties are all around us in many everyday things. Watch to find out how exactly lasers work, where you may be using them without even knowing it, and the lengths to which lasers help us perform extraordinary tasks.

Report by Louise Fuller & Rhea MaacDonald


Diamonds in Grahamstown – Scifest 2015

The first diamond in South Africa was identified in the Grahamstown. Basil Mills conducts a workshop at Scifest Africa called “Diamond in the Rough”. He explores the story of the first diamond being discovered in Hope Town, near Kimberly. Participants have an opportunity to become miners by panning as the pioneer miners would have done.
We visit Grahamstown museums to find out more about this first diamond and its significance to the small town.

Report by Nikho Mageza & Laura Skippers


Science education in the Eastern Cape – Scifest 2015

With Science and Maths education in South Africa in a crisis schools have reduced and some even cancelled their teaching of these subjects. But initiatives are taken in the Eastern Cape to help students get a science education and exposure they might have missed out on.
Amongst these is a Rhodes University project for to give underprivileged schools hands-on scientific training. At Scifest from the other side of the planet a delegation of NASA scientists has arrived in Grahamstown, to educate South African students about the wonders, and the importance of science.

Report by Campbell Easton and Jenna Lillie


Loadshedding – A Vertov style montage

Most people in South Africa live their lives mostly, if not wholly centred around the usage of electronic devices. Whether for business or entertainment, the usage of electronics dictates the daily routines of millions. But what happens when the power goes off? This piece explores the routines of ordinary South Africans and their attempts to adapt when load-shedding strikes, and the power goes off.
Produced by Laura Skippers and Campbell Easton


Yoga and sport

Studies have shown that yoga can be supplementary to sports like swimming, soccer and rugby. In this video montage we take a look at a yoga class and a soccer practice, to see if there are any similarities between the movements.
Report by Jenna Lillie & Louise Fuller