The Greens – portrait of place

Rhodes University in Grahamstown serves as a home away from home to more than 7000 students. On a day to day basis these students finds themselves living in Grahamstown, shopping in Grahamstown, and interacting with the other residents of Grahamstown, and yet they never fully integrate with the rest of the town. Instead students seclude themselves in university residences and private apartment blocks, where they lead radically different lifestyles. In this video we go inside one such student apartment complex, The Greens, and take an up-close look at the student lifestyle.

Produced by Campbell Easton


Falling for You – DJ Von Dirty ft Sne Dladla

Von Dirty, a local Grahamstown DJ, relates the troubles of relationship commitment issues with his up-tempo track.

Produced by Siyavuya Makubalo, Teboho Ramosili and Laura Skippers


Fly: Tessa Ware

Two lovers are torn apart by drug addiction and their love story ends in tragedy. Their journey together slowly spirals out of control.

Produced by Jenna Lillie and Rhea MacDonald
Music by Tessa Ware
Actors: Hana Kelly & Serena Paver


Freddy bang bang – GGG

This music video is a loose interpretation of a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Qhawe (Alice) is seen chasing Freddy (a rabbit) trying to convince him to be her friend but he keeps disappearing. Will she ever catch him? Watch to find out.

Production by Louise Fuller & Nikho Mageza


South Africa’s DNA Project – Scifest Africa 2015

Report by Tebo Ramosili & Siyavuya Makubalo
School of Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University