Makana Meadery – portrait of place

Mead, or iQhilika in isiXhosa, is an ancient alcoholic drink made by the fermentation of honey. It is the oldest known alcoholic beverage, and is thought to have originated in the African continent about 20 000 years ago. Makana Meadery , located in the industrial area of Grahamstown, has been producing mead, as well as other honey products since 2000. Here is a peak into the daily workings of the meadery and an up close and personal look at the bees.

Produced by Rhea MacDonald


Archie Mbolekwa’s new class – portrait of place

Archie Mbolekwa Senior Primary School in Grahamstown has a new and special addition: a Grade Four class. Watch the class as they take part in the different activities they enjoy in their classroom.

The Grade Four class is a new addition in the school. There was a gap in the community for some of the children to go to primary school. Most the learners in the class were at a school which ended at Grade Three. After fundraising and donations Archie Mbolekwa opened their gates and welcomed the displaced learners.

Report by Nikho Mageza


Champs Action Bar – portrait of place

Champs Action Bar, the hang out spot of choice for both the young and the old in Grahamstown. The bar attracts a wide range of people including students, lecturers and members of the larger Grahamstown community. Champs offers these people a chance to play some pool, grab a bite, or enjoy a much needed drink on any day of the week.

Produced by Louise Fuller


Saint’s Bistro – portrait of place

Local Grahamstown restaurant, Saints Bistro, is renowned for its gourmet food, enjoyed by local residents and students alike. By venturing behind the scenes into the business operations, the piece highlights how it is able to successfully operate amongst other franchise food stores.

The piece focuses on the kitchen area and the different processes that occur in order for the restaurant to operate smoothly and efficiently. This is in contrast with the main dining area of the restaurant that has a relaxed, romantic aura.

Produced by Laura Skippers


Jehovah Jirah Haven – portrait of place

Jehovah Jirah Haven is a children’s home situated in Alexandria, an hour outside of Grahamstown. The house is a wonderful space for children to feel safe and cared for. The home is in fact a haven where these kids have made a new family.

Production by Jenna Lillie