Portrait of a place – Thethani Siwa, Tailor

Tethani Siwa is a tailor in Makhanda that caters for different people and different styles. We learn about his business and designs.

Production by Ongezwa Shosha


Portrait of place – Tshisa Nyama in Makhanda

Experience the sounds of Simphiwe Xako’s Tshisa Nyama restaurant in the corner of High and Knight Street in Makhanda

Production by Temba Mkosi


Portrait of place – Ultra Fitness

Bill Jokana is a personal trainer at a gym in Grahamstown. He understands the many reasons people join a gym and encourages people of all ages to look after their bodies, to remain healthy and increase their chances of living longer. Bill shows us a normal day in his world…

Production by Khaka Ngcofe


Portrait of place – Nail salon

Production by Khethiwe Shobede


Portrait of place – Richard Pullen Pottery

Production by Clare O’Reilly