The Art of Nation Building

Michelle Solomon

It has been 25 years since the inception of the Young Artist Awards in South Africa, but what have any of the past winners done since their placing in this hall of fame? Whilst some names on this epic list are renowned for giving back not only to the arts, but to our South African communities, others seem to fade into the past. Will this year’s Young Artists suffer similar fates? A panel discussion with some of the winners has them talking about how they hope to uplift, inspire and encourage a South Africa in need of some talent.

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Matthew Von Abo

Fire, smoke, hunted to extinction this is the life chimpanzees are facing around the globe. Their habitats are being ripped apart by human influence and are subject to fetish in the media or as pets. They are our closest living relatives but still remain wild, untamed and uninhibited. We look at how similar and how different chimps are and how Chimp Eden in Nelspruit is fighting the wave of cruelty by rescuing abused chimps from across the continent.

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Harlot Nights

Crabapple Productions
Investigative Documentary 10 min
Leila Dougan, Daniel Epstein, Azwihangwisi Mufamadi & Matthew Von Abo

Prostitution might be legal in South Africa by the time tourists arrive for the 2010 World Cup. Currently, prostitutes have no rights under our constitution and the abuse and exploitation of women in the industry is commonplace. Proponents of legalization say that we simply don’t have the time or the resources to lock up all the prostitutes who who will want to take advantage of the huge work opportunities tourists will provide. But will prostitutes really benefit from the legalization of their trade? Some say it merely opens the door to further forms of exploitation and abuse. This documentary is only a first step towards stimulating dialogue and awareness about a social and judicial issue in dire need of informed debate.

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The Long Road To Bold Point

MASS Productions
Investigative Documentary 10 min
Alna Dall, Matthew Edwards, Jade Fernley

The situation seemed black and white. White people have homes in Hogsback and black people are not allowed to own land. But is there more to the situation than meets the eye? Watch this investigative documentary to find out the many reasons why, despite their constitutional right to have a home, black landless residents in Hogsback still wait for homes more than 15 years down the line.

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EMS Blues productions
Investigative Documentary 10min
Danielle Brock, Stuart Buchanan & Jolanta Slomkowski

The state of health care in the Eastern Cape is in a critical condition. Emergency workers are attending to cases without crucial equipment, unable to perform basic triage and often having to leave victims suffering without oxygen. The money is there, so surely the provincial department of health should be doing something about this? No, because everything you will see, according to the EC DOH Media Liaison, is apparently just ‘in your imagination…’ Take a look.

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The Business of uBuntu

Under Construction Productions
Investigative Documentary 10 min
Lubabalo Dada, Fathima Simjee & Michelle Solomon

Over 1000 South Africans succumb to HIV/Aids related illnesses every day. As such, there are many desperate and dying people in this country, who are vulnerable to exploitation by various agents who practice under the guise of “traditional healers”. These people make traditional healing a money-making scheme when it should be about uBuntu. After speaking to genuine traditional healers and medical practitioners, we went in undercover to investigate the claims of “treating HIV/AIDS” made by one of these con-men.

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