Meet the TV production class – 2019

Students completing the B. Journalism at the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University introduce themselves and their vision.


Trailer at iNkciyo
After leaving her Pondoland village 11 years ago, Zimkhita Kweza revisits her past and questions a cultural practice that has shaped her identity. She is now a feminist with new ideologies and questions about the isiXhosa practice of virginity testing. On a journey seeking for answers she meets different people and leaders in the community who face her provocative questions.

Production by Zimkhita Kweza & Nelisa Kom

I am Thandiwe

Trailer at I am Thandiwe
Our roots tell us who we are meant to be, our routes in life show us where we have been and who we are. In this personal self-reflective documentary Thandiwe Wiltshire shares her life with us. Not only as a black child raised by white parents, but as a young woman who makes us introspect on ‘what is Black’, and Blackness in relation to her family dynamics. Adopted at the age of three months, all she has known is the life created for her by the Wiltshire family; but with an identity entirely her own and one which she fought hard to create.
Production by Beugené Green and Yolanda Mdzeke

dear friend

Trailer at dear friend
Writing a letter is a unique kind of intimacy. It takes care, time and thought. ‘dear friend’ is a film that draws from the contemplative patience of letter writing to share the story, of many women, rarely told. The letter greets the viewer with an abrupt and fierce jerk into the memories of the two survivors of intimate partner violence. You are invited into the intimate psychology of two women and into the fragmented, visceral, dark and shadowed reality of intimate partner violence in same-sex relationships. It is a glimpse into what the film unravels through light and shadow: the survivor’s journey of denial, acknowledgement and determination to leave. Through their voices we can hear and imagine and also acknowledge, as members of our societies, how we have failed to see that their story is a true one. The film leaves no room for “women cannot be violent”, nor for ignoring the very real truth of the survivors. ‘dear friend’ demands you to admit to yourself all the things you may have chosen to be blind to and to see past the darkness and the shadowed veil of silence shrouding this issue. It casts light and commands: even if you choose not to see, you will hear these stories.

Production by Tumelo Thamaga and Sinalo Thuku

Clone made Cars

Trailer at Clone Made Cars
This is an investigative documentary on the car theft syndicate of both clone and made cars in Johannesburg and globally. We establish how the crime operates and find the role players that work for and against the crime syndicates. The documentary emphases the fact that this car theft crime trend must be exposed and stopped, as it is fuelled by underhand law enforcement officials through corruption.

Production by Samantha Carolus and Lindelwe Ndamase

eCwecweni – Free but not equal

Trailer at eCwecweni
Some children are still more equal than others even after 25 years since the end of apartheid. Over the years the Eastern Cape has seen low numbers of matric passes and question why this happens. As a province with a high level of poverty and underdevelopment it is no surprise that rural schools are affected. This film aims to bring light to the struggles faced by rural schools and the role government should be playing.

Report by Sipho Monakali & Bongeka Gumede

LAND futures – The Summerton Saga

OUR LAND, OUR STORIES OUR FUTURE ‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’
Production by Beugene Green and Yolanda Mdzeke

LAND futures – Hope in the valley

OUR LAND, OUR STORIES OUR FUTURE ‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’
Production by Zimkhita Kweza and Sipho Monakali

LAND futures – Our RDP Home

OUR LAND, OUR STORIES OUR FUTURE ‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’
Production by Lindelwe Ndamase and Samantha Carolus

LAND futures – Uprooting our future

OUR LAND, OUR STORIES OUR FUTURE ‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’
Production by Bongeka Gumede and Sinalo Thuku

LAND futures – Yet to bear fruit

OUR LAND, OUR STORIES OUR FUTURE ‘What would a land reformed Eastern Cape look like?’

Production by Nelisa Kom and Tumelo Thamaga

TIIHI – PatFaded feat. Babekizulu, TheSymphny

Two young, upcoming South African artists chronicle their lives and childhoods and communities that shaped them to the young men they’ve become. They express the difficult decisions that need to made by each of them at this point in their lives. Filmed in Vergenoeg and other locations in Makhanda
Production by Beugené Green & Yolanda Mdzeke

Different – Luyanda Keswa ft Tshegofatso Ntshabeleng

A music video that seeks to evoke discomfort in a visually pleasing way. The images support the emotions in the song making you feel like someone you know has become unfamiliar
Production by Bongeka Gumede & Tumelo Thamaga

Nkosiiking – Beautiful Child

Beautiful Child is a song by rapper and artist Nkosiiking. It is a lead single from his debut album ‘Beautiful Child’. The music video brings a visual aspect to the emotive song as it portrays some heartfelt and intimate moments in his life.
Production by Sinalo Thuku

Paige – Holy Water

Ndzingeko Mabuza AKA Paige wrote “Holy Water” as a celebration of love and admiration of human existence and the beauty of life. The chorus says “why they always coming at ya, but trust me none of that matters” suggesting that you should stand your ground regardless of life’s challenges.
Production by Lindelwe Ndamase & Sipho Monakali

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