Kuyobongwa Amaqhawe!

Production by Nontokozo Mchunu
The untold story of Sobuza Ngubane, my uncle who had a huge contribution in the struggle of apartheid and Inkatha and fighting for a better education system for black people. He was loved and respected by many in his rural community, known as Kwamambhulu where he started a school and later a clinic.

LAND STORIES Samson – the Water Man

Production by Ciara O’Donaghue & Zama Lithuli

Meet Samson – the water man, a resident of Hogsback and a plumber. This video is about Samson Matini, a resident of Hogsback and plumber. Samson speaks about his family land history, the impact of not being able to own land and how moving around prior to settling at Esikhululweni affected him and his family. Samson’s expertise lies in water and water systems and he uses this skill to try and help his community. Samson also shares his knowledge on the water systems in Hogsback and how the forestry company plantation affects the water supply and quality.

LAND STORIES Bold woman of Bold Point

Production by Lameez Khumalo & Courtney Jeftha
Archive video from TV production “Long Road to Bold Point”, 2009

Ntombisizwe Mafika is deemed the bold woman from Bold Point because of her phenomenal strength and determination. After going through a lifetime of displacement she found the place she could call home in Bold Point, Hogsback. Due to legal implications and personal reasons she can’t live in Bold Point and is not living where she feels her heart belongs. This video explores Ntombisizwe’s heartfelt story.

LAND STORIES Zimkhitha Fihle – the matriarch


This film explores Zimkhitha Fihle’s relationship with the place of Esikhululweni in Hogsback, Eastern Cape and her history there. Zimkhitha is an activist and community builder involved in ensuring that development occurs. She has engaged different protest forms which led getting electricity and sanitation delivery. She has built houses for her parents and her brother so that they can have a home and independence.

LAND STORIES Peter Smooi – man of the forest

Production by Christian Stroud & Nokwanda Dlamini

Peter Smooi is a mushroom seller and former marijuana dealer who makes his living off the land. The forests of Hogsback provides mushrooms to sell to the locals. Peter’s land story questions whether the lives of people like Peter would be better were it not for antiquated drug and land laws. Peter displays profound knowledge of the land yet his skills go wasted in a community like Hogsback. His story shows that owning land is not enough without the means to build a home.

LAND STORIES Phumlani Vusani – the stonekeeper’s son

Production by Hannah Chibayambuya & Nontokozo Mchunu

Phumlani Vusani is a Hogsback resident who grew up on a commercial farm until the farmer asked the family to leave. After school he moved to Johannesburg, moved back to Hogsback then to Cape Town where he found a job. He has now returned back to Hogsback with the rest of his family and hope to find a place to a call home. Phumlani’s mother owns a grinding stone which she has kept for years from the old farm. The stone is a special symbol for the family and they intend to pass it on from generation to generation.

LAND STORIES Xolelwa Copiso -Imbokodo yase Esikhululweni (The Rock of Esikhululweni)


Xolelwa Copiso is the Secretary General of the Development Committee in Esikhululweni, a settlement in Hogsback, Eastern Cape Xolelwa Copiso is the Secretary General of the Development Committee in Esikhululweni, a settlement in Hogsback, Eastern Cape. She has a passion for uplifting the lives of people in her community. Although Esikhululweni is stricken by poverty and hardships, Xolelwa is determined to make it a better place. She has a passion for uplifting the lives of people in her community. Although Esikhululweni is stricken by poverty and hardships, Xolelwa is determined to make it a better place.

Land Restitution

This video examines the motion to amend section 23 of the constitution, calling for land expropriation without compensation. This piece looks at the opportunities this amendment could create as well as justifies why this amendment is necessary. The piece is probing the question of if South Africa could be seeing the 18th Amendment to the constitution.

Production by Justin Cronje

WATER- A basic human right denied

This viral video explores water as a basic primary need that millions of South Africans still do not have access to. Apartheid deprived millions of black/ non-white South Africans of their basic needs. Clean, running, accessible water is one of them. Although the numbers have decreased the new democratically elected government has failed to deliver services including water to some of the poorer communities of South Africa. The video begs the question ‘What Has Changed? pre-1994 to post-1994′.

Production by Zama Lithuli

Farms and expropriation without compensation

What is the state of the agricultural land debate in South Africa in 2018? This short video shows the inequality of agricultural land ownership in South Africa. This inequality is based on racial lines, and many communities and individuals could use the land that has been denied to them in order to create sustainable livelihoods.

Production by Christian Stroud

The worth of water

Water is our most important resource and South African is in the middle of a drought. With such a steadily growing population, South Africa cannot keep up with the demand. We need to save water and we need to do it now.

Production by Ciara O’Donoghue

Our plastic sea

Plastic is used in our everyday living, but what happens to the waste? Waste, such as plastic is dumped into the ocean affecting marine animals, killing as well as endangering them. Plastic is killing this planet. Earth Day is a day of acknowledging the beauty of this planet and the concerns it may face due to human neglect, but one day is not enough, this is an issue that has to be regularly discussed

Production by Courtney Jeftha

Lactose intolerance nightmare

This video is for those who want to know a little bit more about lactose intolerance as well as those that want to have a bit of a laugh. We show the fact that the food industry does not cater for the lactose intolerant

Production by Hannah Chibayambuya

How safe Is the meat we eat?

Meat is a part of the staple diet in most South African homes. The recent Listeriosis outbreak shook the country, resulting in a loss of about 200 lives. South Africa’s history of scandals surrounding the meat industry bares the question, how safe is the meat we consume? From accepting rotten meat imported from the shores of Brazil, to ‘cross contaminated meat’ found in popular supermarket chains; this short video explores it all.

Production by Lameez Khumalo

Climate change – a matter of time

Climate impacts our lives in more ways than we understand, after years of debate it is finally becoming common knowledge that climate change is taking place yet people do see the urgency of the matter. The video demands that people begin to listen because they don’t the future for life on earth looks bleak.

Production by Nokwanda Dlamini

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