TIIHI – PatFaded feat. Babekizulu, TheSymphny

Two young, upcoming South African artists chronicle their lives and childhoods and communities that shaped them to the young men they’ve become. They express the difficult decisions that need to made by each of them at this point in their lives. Filmed in Vergenoeg and other locations in Makhanda
Production by Beugené Green & Yolanda Mdzeke

Different – Luyanda Keswa ft Tshegofatso Ntshabeleng

A music video that seeks to evoke discomfort in a visually pleasing way. The images support the emotions in the song making you feel like someone you know has become unfamiliar
Production by Bongeka Gumede & Tumelo Thamaga

Nkosiiking – Beautiful Child

Beautiful Child is a song by rapper and artist Nkosiiking. It is a lead single from his debut album ‘Beautiful Child’. The music video brings a visual aspect to the emotive song as it portrays some heartfelt and intimate moments in his life.
Production by Sinalo Thuku

Paige – Holy Water

Ndzingeko Mabuza AKA Paige wrote “Holy Water” as a celebration of love and admiration of human existence and the beauty of life. The chorus says “why they always coming at ya, but trust me none of that matters” suggesting that you should stand your ground regardless of life’s challenges.
Production by Lindelwe Ndamase & Sipho Monakali

TNX band – Heaven only knows

Established in 2016 TNX, previously known as Tonic, is made up of leader singer Keziah Ferguson, bass guitarist Hadley Grecia, lead guitar Tristan Pitcher and Peter Glover on drums. The song Heaven only knows, composed by leader singer Keziah Ferguson, features lyrics and chords inspired by a real-life experience and
evokes heart break, separation and deceit within a relationship. This is contrasted with a sense of gratefulness and warmth for the time they had together.
Production by Sam Carolus

Nqontsonqa – Ndaakuthanda

Ndaakuthanda is a Xhosa rap song by Nqontsonqa, a language activist from Grahamstown (Makhanda). In the song he is reflecting about the love of his life, why he loves her and how he initially fell in love with her. The artist is passionate about the preservation of the rich Xhosa language and culture.
Production by Nelisa Kom & Zimkhita Kweza

East Midlands College protest

Report by Deneesha Pillay & Megan Flemmit

Students of Eastcape Midlands College in Grahamstown are evicted from their accommodation and and threatened with closure of the school. Because of funding problems in the institution, landlords evicted the students. The students then marched to the EMC premises to await the campus management response. Many of the students are from out of town and have no money to get back home.

Freedom – VonDirty

Production by Cindy Achilles & Robyn Wertheim

Freedom is a house track produced by Grahamstown DJ VonDirty featuring Saya that tells the story of two unrequited lovers. The video tells the story of a woman who is getting ready for a night out. While she is getting ready we enter her fantasies where her lover is helping her to get dressed. Once she is finished getting ready she goes to a local nightclub where he is DJ-ing. There the two dance together. It is when she goes to the bathroom and we re-enter her fantasies that we see that their love story is not quite what it seems. Distraught by this realization, she returns home by herself. VonDirty is a well-known local performer who is the resident DJ at establishments in town. Saya is a Journalism Student who performs in her spare time.

‘Bloodsucker’ — Bushido Bill

Report by Dumisa Lengwati & Taryn Isaac, School of Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University

You never know when a bloodsucker is in your midst…
Bushido Bill — an awesome Grahamstown band, mess around, gig, hang out and have lots of fun together. Shawn, the lead singer, starts dating Danielle after he notices her at a gig: a femme fatale, irresistibly gorgeous. However, she does come with a fatal flaw: she is a gold-digger of note! The men in the group, Shawn, Dylan and Dylan (drummer and guitarist) don’t mind a bit — they are entranced by her feminine wiles, her flattery, her sensual looks. But Chelsea, the bassist, a femme fatale in her own right, won’t have any of it. She gets increasingly jealous and angry the longer Danielle is in their group. Not one to upset group dynamics however, she decides not to do or say anything until it the negative effect Danielle has on Shawn are manifest — he spends all his money and attention on her until he has none for himself. He becomes drawn, dishevelled — a real mess. An epic battle ensues between the ladies, and the victrix will leave you surprised!

“Buddah Lands” – WordsUntame

Production by Lillian Magari & Noxolo Mafu

Music video from Afro-world Grahamstown band, WordsUntame

‘Ring around the riptide’ – The Fishwives

Production by Natalie Austin & Jason Randall

Grahamstown band, The Fishwives, showcase “Ring around the riptide”. Through interior and exteriors the scene moves the instrumental ensemble through various natural settings. The talents of the five-piece band and a fire act are combined in their usual practice room lit entirely by candle light. and sorrounded by all the instruments of multi-skilled musicians. The symbolism of rings move from inside the burning room to sunlight outside. The sun complimens the burning candles and moves from day to night. Fire is spun around as if a riptide and flames split the sky.

The Fishwives are Celery Burger, Lizzie-Lou Gaisford, Nicole Germiquet, Cal Thompson & Strato Copteros

Dream by CeeCee

Production by Deneesha Pillay and Megan Flemmit.

The song explores the story of a woman who realizes that the person she is dating is unfaithful to her, yet she still remains in the relationship. Because she loves him, she is willing to accept any part of him that he gives her. She wants him to ‘sell her a dream’. The music video depicts one woman who is in this situation of being cheated on.
Music by CeeCee featuring Carol Marikano and Papama Bacela

Caydon van Eck – Quit You

Production by Robyn Perros, Raphaela Linders and Tassyn Munro

Grahamstown music producer, Caydon van Eck (b00n) works in collaboration with Rhodes University Television students to create an experimental music video for his song, “Quit You.”

Gentlemen Callers – Don’t trust boys

Production by: Minette van der Walt & Debbie Potgieter

“Don’t trust boys” is an unusual and strange music video that views the state of being through sinister eyes. The song lyrics are written by Rob Cairns to reflect the band’s annoyance of pop music and empty lyrics. Their sound is a mix of the raw simplicity of The Stooges and The Birthday Party, with atonal guitar solos and a few tempo shifts. Gentlemen Callers is a South African post-punk band based in Grahamstown who voice a non-conformist message.

Coming Back – Kristen Birch

Production by Palesa Mashigo & Kirsten Allnutt

An auburn haired, blue-eyed beauty in a meadow making her way to an old house to reunite with her guitar is a picture that people associate with pop music sensation, Taylor Swift. Kristin Birch is a beautiful, talented young lady that could give Taylor Swift a run for her money. “Coming Back” epitomises serenity and longing. Kristin’s character is a restless soul that has been roaming the world because she has unresolved concerns that she needs to confront before she goes peacefully into the afterlife. The guitar she makes her way to represents this salvation.
This is essentially a story about a young lady who is re-connecting with God through her natural environment and her music.