Making Mead

Report by Martin Bleazard

Making Mead
At an abandoned power station just out of Grahamstown, Dr Garth Cambray makes mead traded as Iquilika, the isiXhosa term for the alcohol made from the fermentation of honey. Here he takes us through the process and explains his philosophy on how he makes this product sustainably and locally.
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Home of Joy

Report by Julie Campbell

This documentary is a profile on Home of Joy Youthcare centre in Joza, Grahamstown. It introduces Margaret Ngcangca who runs Home of Joy, children who live there and one of the volunteers who helps out there. The video shows the amazing love Mama Margaret invests in these abandoned, sick or orphaned children, and shows people how they can help Home of Joy.
Julie Campbell’s portfolio is foudn here

Flip the Script

Directed by Duduetsang Makuse – 5min

Fatherlessness has become a norm to most South African children — often reduced to a simple root cause of men’s irresponsibility. But this documentary is about the other side of the story – a story of a young man who shares his experiences of the challenges of unplanned fatherhood. Ultimately, the film offers up an alternative way of thinking about teenage and unplanned pregnancies by looking at the situation from a different angle.
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Ocean Riders

Directed by Kyle Robinson – 5mins

With long hours of battling rough and unpredictable seas just for a short ride that rarely lasts longer than a few seconds, the surfing lifestyle is not for everyone. But it is for some! Here a Canadian surfer and a beginner kitesurfer illustrate how important the surfing life is to millions! And not only do we hear them speaking of their love of the ocean, but we see them in action, surfing some monster waves and doing incredible aerial manoeuvres too!
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To womb it may

Directed by Zikhona Masala – 5mins

With one of the worst rape records in world, stories of rape are not new South Africa. Often though, when stories of rape are shared, few focus on the power and empowerment found in the process of overcoming the trauma. This is a story however, which does just that – as Corinne Knowles shares her own experiences of sexual violence and her role in empowering others who have been similarly affected, through the 1 in 9 Campaign.

Social Activism

Directed by Andiswa Leve – 5mins
School of Journalism and Media Studies. Rhodes University.

The Unemployed Peoples Movement, based in Grahamstown, serves as a mouthpiece for the unemployed, but also finds support and solidarity from the employed in its highly public protests. This is the UPM’s story as a grassroots social movement — its ethos, leadership, vision, activities and desire to create socio-political change in which citizens are directly involved. We meet the chairman , Ayanda Kota.
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NSRI – Saving Lives at Sea

Directed by Bradley Janssen – 5mins
School of Journalism and Media Studies. Rhodes University.

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is a volunteer organisation specialising in ocean rescue on South African waters; and the crew members of Station 11 NSRI Port Alfred are on call 24/7 365. Their recent chokka boat rescue on 5 June 2011 saved nine crew from being entombed in their ship’s hull. Now, we delve deeper and catch a few rides to reveal the story of those who save lives by risking their own. Grab a wetsuit, life jacket and hang on! (Photos by Sea Rescue)
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Directed by Daniel Eslick – 5 mins

Two local DJ’s from Grahamstown, “SMASH n GRAB” share their love for Dubstep – one of the fastest growing global music genres whose infectious beat and powerful bass is entrancing millions around the world. The South African bass culture is yet to be fully realised, but Grahamstown has become a major local hub. This piece highlights Dubstep as “sex music” – a new kind of feeling you now can get on the modern dancefloor. We meet Justin Shaw and Juan Levin
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Reintroducing rhino, reviving hope

Directed by Lisa Bluett – 5min

Kapela, the one who came by surprise, is a tale of hope for the future of the diminishing black rhino population in the Eastern Cape. Set in the Amakhala Game Reserve and focused on Kapela’s rewilding, this documentary recognises the danger and devastation of poaching, but also celebrates the ideal of new life through breeding and rehabilitation. Indeed, Kapela’s story is a reminder to celebrate the 4240 black rhino that still live, as much as mourning those who have died.
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The City of Saints

Directed by Lonwabo Fayo – 5mins

This short documentary is on the rather controversial issue of Christian church denomination and division, as seen through the microcosm of Grahamstown with its more than 50 church buildings and over 200 congregations. The film highlights both the positives and negatives of Grahamstown’s prevalence of separate denominations, and uses this to subtly reflect on the nature of the global Christian church.
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Dr Santhia – An unsung hero

Directed by Prinesh Naidoo – 5mins

In a world obsessed with celebrity, materialism and self-gratification, we often overlook those meaningfully contributing to society. This is a profile piece about one such man – Dr. J. Santhia – well-respected medical practitioner and anti-Apartheid activist whose selfless involvement with state clinics, the local hospital and health development organisations have seen him twice nominated “Grahamstown Citizen of the Year” – which he declined, because he considers helping the less fortunate a privilege and a spiritual path meriting no praise.

Shooter Girls On Sale

Directed by Ayushi Chhabra – 5mins
School of Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University
A shooter girl sells shots at a bar or a club. She is expected to have a good way with the customers in order to sell the product. This documentary is a montage of interviews with shooter girls on their experiences at work to see ask they are stereotyped as ‘prostitutes’ and is an attempt to raise awareness about a common degrading gender stereotype.
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Nothing loved is ever lost

Directed by Viktoria Marinova – 5min

Losing a best friend in a car accident is never easy but unfortunately it happens. His name was Christopher Wilson; and this piece is about the day of his death and the mournful days that followed. It speaks of the experience of Christopher’s loss, but is also a dedication to his life and the memories he left behind. This is a personal documentary about the spirit of one who was loved and which remains alive in those who loved him.
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Flying with FreakFactor

Directed by Rogan Kerr – 5 min

Flying with Freakfactor is an exploration into the thrills and spills of the extreme art of body suspension. We follow the thoughts of Grahamstown specialist, John Wayne as he attempts to break the world record for longest full body suspension. This documentary uncovers what it is that attracts people to this dangerous sport as film-maker Rogan Kerr faces his own fear of blood!
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Mental Illness is not a Life Sentence

Directed by Ntombikayise Mlangeni – 5 min

All of us categorise people to make sense of our social surroundings. But categorisation also creates labels and stereotypes — making people with mental illness vulnerable to negative stigma. This piece explores how patients at Fort England and Tower mental institutions are moving away from the stigma of perceived dysfunction through art and crafts, relevant treatments and the sharing of their creativity with the world.
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