The Toyota Cressida of Bhamshela

Bhamshela is a town with a unique story: everyone who lives there drives the same car. This film delves into the rolling, green hills of KwaZulu-Natal in an attempt to uncover the mystery of the Toyota Cressida and its connection with Bhamshela. Along the way, we meet a few charismatic Cressida owners who have esoteric opinions on what makes the car special and why it is the only car driven in Bhamshela.

Production by Tess Miles

Sho Ta – Langa aka Illy Jou Moer

Music video ‘Sho Ta’ is dedicated to the modern day gentleman. The man who goes out and gets things done In an age where the name of a man has been vilified, in the social sense.
The artist of the song, Langa aka Illy Jou Moer wanted to write a song about the man he aspires to be. To him the sky is the limit and anything is possible as long as he puts his mind to it. Here is a quote from the song, “you don’t have to like it, but at least admit I killed it”

Production by Abner Accom

Our Albertinia – Behind the scenes

Take a look at ‘Our Albertinia’, a short film about a coloured family in the South African Klein Karoo during the last years of apartheid. With a father away as part of the Struggle, Inge Abrahams and her mother have a struggle of their own back at the family farm. This interview with writer and director Chantel Clark goes into the historical context and inspiration of the film.

Production by Daniel Tucker

The Story of Atelier

With the word Atelier meaning an “artist’s workshop”, this piece follows the journey of how the founders of the first black-owned MCC sparkling wine, Kamogelo Kgadima and Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane, are breaking the mould and re-defining history as young black entrepreneurs.

Production by Thingo Mthombeni


Human” is a film about Jeff and Sarah who meet at a party which they both want to forget. Sarah works out to try to feel powerful, while Jeff tries to continue to be a dedicated student. The more they try to push the memories away the more the memories knock them back. They have very different recollections of what happened when the party ended.
The title of the film, Human is there to remind one of that the perpetrator is not a faceless monster, but a person. The film plays around with the notion of alternate realities to the extent that both the characters are the perpetrator and the victim.

Production by Catharina Andersen

New in Mzanzi

New In Mzansi is a short documentary that follows the life of Portia Munaka, a hairdresser who recently moved to South Africa in search of a better life for herself and her family.

Production by Siyavuya Makubalo


Production by Raphaela Linders

Sense-(re)-memory deals with the reliving of memories triggered by the conventional five senses sight, sound,hearing, touch and taste.
The film follows Mardou as she experiences the strength of her senses and the memories that they trigger. She has to a certain degree lost control of her senses, everything she sees, tastes, touches, smells and hears brings up a memory that she does not necessarily want to remember. Mardou has even gone to the extreme of stripping all the objects around her of any visual stimuli. Her sensory memories are told through the eyes and words of four other people.

The Big Mesh

Production by Katja Schreiber

While KwaZulu-Natal’s gill nets protect bathers from shark attack, the same nets threaten the province’s sensitive marine life.
The nets work as fishing devices, but rather than merely killing sharks — of which the vast majority are harmless to humans — they trap a wide variety of other marine animals as well. Dolphins, rays, whales, and even critically endangered turtles are all suffering. With bathers facing a 1% risk of shark attack, can the use of shark nets be justified at the expense of our rich marine ecosystem?


Report by Rosanna Scott

Meat from Rosanna Scott on Vimeo.

We like meat. And because of high-intensity farming, we get a lot of it. We often don’t realise how much animal cruelty is involved in one hamburger. Instead, as Peter Singer explains to us, the connection between cow and beef has been lost. All the while climate change looms.
Rosanna Scott’s portfolio is found here

The Quest for Beauty

Report by Aimee Caulfield

This 5-minute documentary looks at two individuals, Vuyani Mpako and Robyn Pienaar, both willing to put themselves at risk for the sake of beauty. Mpako has used skin lightening creams for the past 6 years and Pienaar has used the sunbed regularly for the past 5 years. They are both aware of the clinical dangers but for Mpako becoming lighter is worth the risk. For Piernaar, life is that much easier when you are tanned. Leading dermatologist Dr Derek Odendaal and salon owner Pete Delport comment on this beauty craze.
See Aimee Caulfield’s portfolio here

Catching Ghosts – Diane Victor

Report by Thomas Mills

Renowned South African artist, Diane Victor, introduces us to two of her most prominent mediums, her smoke drawings and her print pieces. Through these, she aims to showcase contemporary issues faced by South Africa and its people by voicing her own about the country’s woes. Catching Ghosts demonstrates how Victor creates her fascinating smoke drawings as well as her large-scale etchings.
Thomas Mills’ Portfolio is found here

The True Nature of Young Children

Report by Kelley Wake

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has become one of the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children today. We investigate the controversial issues surrounding the medication and the diagnosis of ADHD in young children as well and the effects on schooling. Interviews with educational psychologists, doctors, school matrons and a student who was diagnosed when he was nine years old, outline their experiences, opinions and knowledge of the disorder.
Kelley Wakes’s portfolio is found here

Shedding Light

Report by Charmian Africa

Sangomas have always been a crucial part of African culture. An estimated 60 per cent of the South African population consult traditional healers in the belief that they have the power to cure disease and wash away bad luck — but it all comes at price. Media headlines suggest that serious sangoma related crimes are on the rise but very little attention is paid to more common cases where people have been exploited by some sangomas for money. We find the case of Iris Morris who lost her life’s savings to a sangoma.
Charmian Africa’s portfolio is here

No Nukes at Thyspunt

Report by Tarryn Ross

We take a look at the proposed site where Eskom plans the second and largest nuclear power station to be built in South Africa. The site has been declared as unsuitable by locals and experts and this piece looks into the fears and distaste of the relevant stakeholders. We explore the environmental hazards and risks a nuclear power plant could pose to the sensitive area of Thyspunt and the surrounds of Jeffrey’s Bay and St. Francis Bay.
Tarryn Ross’s portfolio is here

Blanche’s Hedgehog

Reprot by Christopher Tucker

Blanche’s Hedgehog looks into the life of a woman living with cancer. Marianne Tucker, a pharmacist from Johannesburg, has been living with cancer for the past four years. She has always expressed that people should not be scared of death but scared of not living the life they have been given – to the full. It is this positive outlook on life that allows her to have the strength to go for weekly chemotherapy sessions and still get up for work.
Christopher’s portfolio is here