Production by Daniel Eslick, Lonwabo Fayo & Viktoria Marinova.
A 4tune Cookie Production. School of Journalism and Media Studies, Rhodes University

A small coloured community in Grahamstown, trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, crime and drug abuse, attempts to describe how and why they are seemingly disregarded by the rest of their country – voicing concerns about how their “race” is marginalised and disregarded in the Eastern Cape. The crew found a variety of voices including Newton Jordaan, a young social commentator with great concerns about the future of the youth and the “individual” in his area.
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A Question of Thrones

Production by Chwayitisa Futshane, Zikhona Masala & Kyle Robinson.
Kwagga Productions. 24 minutes

The consequences of colonisation and Apartheid can still be seen in the complex politics of traditional leadership today — made worse by a democratic Constitution which makes no mention of customary law. The kingdoms of the Eastern Cape, mainly the AmaXhosa, the AmaPondo and the AbaThembu all face internal dispute and dissention; and the team journeyed into the Transkei to attempt to understand the pivotal issues involved.
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The Population Placation

Production by Rogan Kerr & Ayushi Chhabra
Dizzeemouse Productions. 24 minutes

This documentary follows a day in the life of four learners in Grahamstown, all from different walks of life and economic situations — exploring their influences and experiences from the home (parents and family), the school (teachers, academic quality and resources), as well as their peer relations (friends, girl/boyfriends etc). Their stories create a powerful and heartfelt exploration into the ‘haves’, the ‘have nots’ and the humanity we all share!
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Chains of Freedom

Sizo Vuka Productions – 24mins
Paul Harris, Kyla Herrmannsen, Nontobeko Sibisi, Tamsin Degoumois

Set in Zululand, Chains of Freedom explores the issue of ex-offenders and re-integration in South Africa. Matthew Sibiya is about to be released from prison and is feeling anxious about what life on the outside has in store for him. We follow his journey home to witness how his family and community accept him back and reconcile the crimes he committed.
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East or West: Home is Best

Gorilla Milkshake Productions – 24mins
Anesu Chingono, Jess Levy, Richard Moor & Sibongile Mafu

Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 2010 RUTV Doc Film Fest

This intense documentary follows Somalians who have been forced to flee their homeland to settle in the Eastern Cape We meet a mother who has fled with her children; a father who had to leave his family in a refugee camp, and a young man who escaped the horror of being a child soldier. The story is told by Sharmaake, a young refugee trying to re-build his life here.

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Sugar High

Edit Four Productions – 24mins
Gregory Aldridge, Katherine .V. Robinson, Camalita Naicker & Zikhona Tshona

A toxic epidemic is destroying the lives of many in Chatsworth, Durban. Sugars is a highly addictive drug derived from heroin which has extremely painful withdrawal symptoms. We expose the devastating truth of how the community of Chatsworth is being destroyed by this drug and see the realities addicts endure for their next hit.
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Mother Knows Best

Tripod Production – 24mins
Robyn McCormick, Phumzile Manana, Laura Wener

In South Africa, thousands of children are abandoned every year through poverty, coupled with drug and alcohol abuse. Traditionally, it is the policy to keep babies with their biological mothers but this is not always in the best interests of the child. This documentary reveals, through the lives of untraditional South African families, that this is not always the best option. Sometimes, mother does not know best.
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Winner of the Audience Award for best 24min at the RUTV Doc Fest

Crabapple Productions
24 min
Leila Dougan, Daniel Epstein, Azwihangwisi Mufamadi & Matthew Von Abo

40km’s outside of Cape Town residents of Blikkiesdorp are trying to make new lives for themselves. Coming from all around Cape Town, residents are either paid or forced to go to this temporary relocation area. The old residents of Gympie Street are the most recent to arrive in the new township, but they won’t be the last. In 2007 the cape High Court ruled that 20000 Joe Slovo residents relocate to Blikkiesdorp so that Joe Slovo can be developed. But how temporary is the Blikkiesdorp housing scheme? And can residents make lives for themselves there?

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Ilisa Elikhulu – The Big Wave

Mass Productions
24min doc
Alna Dall, Matthew Edwards, Jade Fernley

“Once I stop surfing, no, there will be no life for me”- Anele Maqaqa, Port St John’s surfer.
Beautiful scenery, good waves and good friendships. A winning combination for Anele, Avu and Zama, three Port St John’s boys who live to surf. The boys have grown up on the Eastern Cape coast with the sea almost in their backyard, as well as a very helpful surf school that has helped them excel in what they live to do. Watch to see the challenges they face both in and out of the water!

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The Gospel of Con productions
24 min
Danielle Brock, Stuart Buchanan & Jolanta Slomkowski

What happens when you are on an investigation and you realise that your findings could land you in court? Well, this is what happened to the crew of productions while spending time at a particular church in Durban for three weeks. All sorts of stories have circulated about this church and its various practices over the years, from exploiting the poor to sacrificing children! We set out to find out more about them, but realised very quickly that they wouldn’t like what we had to say. But…we said it anyway! So please don’t sue us. Thanks.

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“I will die by the bullet”

Under Construction Productions
2009 24mins
Lubabalo Dada, Fathima Simjee & Michelle Solomon

“Mama, I will not die of sickness. I will die by the bullet”. On 12 July 2009, Oscar Dondashe was shot dead for his cell phone. We tell the story about the night his prediction came true and the consequences of that night. A mother’s grief after losing her son. A man accused of murder. A brother seeking revenge. Oscar is only one of thousands that die by the bullet every day. We hope that this documentary may offer some, albeit small and somewhat disturbing, consolation to those families who have suffered at the hands of gun violence – you are not alone.

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